Ongoing Research

  • SIAE Microelectronics (Italy), “Optimization of Networks and Services in Evolutionary Telecom Scenarios” (2021- 2023)
  • Huawei France (Italy), “Novel Techniques Integrating Network Optimization and ML-Based QoT Estimation for Low-Margin Design in Optical Networks” (2021-2023)
  • SIAE Microelectronics (Italy), “Innovative Optimization Techniques for the Design and Management of Radio and Optical Networks” (2021-2023)
  • NSF (US), “Disaster Resiliency for NG Metro Networks” (2018-2021)

Previous Projects

  • Lombardy region, “New Optical Horizon” (2016-2018) [PoliMi technical leader]
  • COST Action CA15127 (RE-CODIS) (2016-2020) [ WG leader]
  • NSF (US), “Migration towards NG Flexible Optical Networks” (2017-2020) [Co-PI]
  • EU H2020,“Metro-Haul” (2017-2020) [Participant@PolMi]
  • Italian Education Ministry, “Towards Green Broadband Access Networks” (2011-2013)
  • DoD DTRA (US), “Dynamic Provisioning using Hybrid Circuit/Packet Technologies” (2008-2011) [Participant@UCDavis]
  • DoD DTRA (US), “Multipath, Reprovisioning, and Data Replication to Combat WMD Attacks” (2009-2012) [Participant@UCDavis]
  • NSF (US), “Design and Provisioning of Low-Carbon Optical DC Networks” (2012-2015) [Co-PI]
  • EU FP7, “COMBO” (2014-2016) [Task leader]
  • Alcatel-Lucent Italy, “Long-Reach PON for Ultra-Broadband Access” (2011-2013) [Technical co-leader@PoliMi]


  • Elected Secretary for Optical Network Technical Committee of the IEEE Communication Society
  • Editorial Board Member for IEEE Communication Surveys and Tutorial, for the Springer
  • Photonic Network Communications and for Elsevier Optical Switching and Networking
  • Guest Editor for IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Networking
  • Management Committee member representing Italy in the EU-funded COST Action CA15127 “RECODIS”
  • TPC co-chair of DRCN 2020, DRCN 2017, ONDM 2016, ENIC 2015/16, NaNa 2016/17
  • Workshop co-chair of ICC 2018
  • TPC Member for OFC (2015-2017), INFOCOM (2012-2019), GlobeCom (2007-now) and ICC (2007-now), ANTS (2009-now), RNDM (2010-now). Among other conferences, OECC (2014-15), CloudNet (2012-17), ICP (2012-14), IBP (2014-15), LatinCom (2012-2016), LatinCloud (2013-14), NMTS 2011, DRCN (2011-now), ICOWCSN 2011, IWT 2015, EuCNC (2014-16)