Research Group

Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy, Bonsai-Lab Group:

  • Current Ph.D. candidates:
    • Oleg Karandin
      • Main research topic: “Resource Allocation in Optical Networks considering Uncertainly-Known Parameters at Physical Layer”
    • Nicola Di Cicco
      • Main research topic: “Scalable Algorithms for C-RAN Optimization”
    • Qiaolun Zhang
      • Main research topic: “Green and Resilient Optical Metro Networks Based on Pluggable Optics”
    • Aryanaz Attarpour
      • Main research topic: “Novel Optimization Techniques for the Design and Management of Optical Networks”
    • Xin Yang
      • Main research topic: “Robust and Automated Optical Networks”
    • Xiaohui Zhao
      • Main research topic: “Multi-Band Adaptive Optical Amplification Optimization and Smart Control for Ultra-High Throughput Fiber Transmission Systems”
    • Giovanni Simone Sticca
      • Main research topic: “Next-Generation Optical Networks with Multi Band Transmission and Hollow Core Fiber”  
  • Other Members:

University of California, Davis, USA:

  • Current Ph.D. candidates:
    • Giap Le
    • Subhadeep Sahoo
    • Ramanuja Kalkunte

Former Post-Doc and Ph.D. candidates:

  • Dr. Marilet De Andrade (Ericsson, Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Dr. Rodolfo Alvizu (Google, California, US)
  • Dr. Mëmëdhe Ibrahimi (Polimi, Milan, Italy)
  • Dr. Leila Askari (Capgemini, Milan, Italy)
  • Dr. Davide Andreoletti (Supsi, Switzerland)
  • Dr. Omran Ayoub (Supsi, Switzerland)
  • Dr. Ali Hmaity (Deutsche Börse, Luxembourg)
  • Dr. Nicola Carapellese (SIAE, Milan, Italy)
  • Dr. Mohamed Shehata (AASTMT, Cairo, Egypt)
  • Dr. Anna Buttaboni (Reply, Turin, Italy)
  • Dr. Carlos Colman Meixner (UBristol, UK)
  • Dr. Sedef Savas (BigSwitch, California, US)
  • Dr. Divya Chitimalla (Google, California, US)
  • Dr. Sifat Ferdousi (UCDavis, Post-Doc researcher, US)
  • Dr. Tanjila Ahmed (AT&T, California, US)
  • Dr. Sabidur Rahman (AT&T, California, US)